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Artist Alley & Dealer's Room Rules:

*All of the "Convention Rules" apply

 *Vendors or helpers are the only ones allowed behind their table/s

*If you are selling prints or posters 50% of the table has to be oringinal artwork

*If any of the items you are selling feature 18+ material you must have a sign that says so, and large enough to notice (please remember children will be attening this event as well thank you)

*Every vendor in Artist Alley or the Dealer's Room can have up to two chairs per table

*Every vendor or helper must have on a badge at all times

*The table size is six feet by two feet (if you need an addition table additional fees will apply contact us to let us know your setup dimensions, so we can put you in the best spot for your setup)

*Please don't leave your personal belongings unattended (the staff is not responsible for watching over your items)