Hello fellow Niteowl! My name is Middnite aka Anna Maria Jefferson-Richardson, and I am the creator of Middnite Designs! I am also a Sequential and Illustrative artist dedicated to bringing diversity and representation to the comic art world. Middnite Designs takes pride in being apart of the effort to pave a road for People of Color in Comics, Illustration and Animation. To innovate and inform the world of our voices, our stories, and our passions. To being unapologetically black, proudly Afrolatinx, and unafraid of being ‘your anchor’ in a sea of unfamiliarity. We are not a monolith, and here at Middnite Designs, creating, encouraging and uplifting Diversity and Representation is our surefire way, of taking on the world.

Website: https://shop.middnitedesigns.com/