Manny Moon she/they

Manny Moon is a 22 y/o Midwest content creator, streamer, artist, and influencer with a rapidly growing fanbase across all social media platforms. They have have been a lifelong fan of video games, animation, film, comics, and other aspects of pop culture, in which she has been attending cons and cosplaying for several years while gaining a loyal, friendly, and diverse following. She is an avid speaker on diversity and mental health, along side inclusion towards embracing woman as well as people of color towards gaming and cosplaying. She enjoys talking about global issues while still expressing their quirky, goofy personality when twitch streaming as they aim to make their hoppy of cosplaying and twitch full time. Also, Manny is a full time student, studying cinema and film production to one day be a traveling photojournalist and film producer aside from continuing to pursue in gaming, art, and dreaming to be their own boss. They have have been featured on many projects such as social media platform and IGN Article for trending posts, as well as Interviewed with SaturdayAM Comic issue and Mobcast Mafia Anime Podcast.


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