Marcus Wade, also known by the stage name GameBr8ker, is a rapper, singer, producer and engineer from Baileys Crossroads, VA. He is not your average artist who can defined by just Hip-Hop/Rap but one who you can expect to give an eclectic library of music. His peers and local artist all him a “Musical Genius”.

GameBrker is currently working on two projects, a mixtape and an EP. The Mixtpe will be the 2nd in the series called “Mr. Flyguy”, an his self produced EP “T.O.A.O” will follow right after.

GameBr8ker is part of a team/movement called Smash Broh Nation in which he is “Top Dog”. All tho GameBr8ker may be the number one guy on his team, he is followed by 13 high caliber artist who can also contend in the big leagues along with Br8ker. Their Team is, an will be a force to reckon with.

So when it comes to different, unique and a lot of talent, GameBr8ker is that guy. With two guaranteed hot CDs and a power house team behind him, GameBr8ker turly is “The One and Only”.
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