IA is a virtual artist who has a voice with the VOCALOID 3 library (IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES and IA ROCKS) and with the CeVIO library (IA English). Her voice source is Lia, who is known as the Diva of Crystal Voice and who won a Grammy award for her assistance with the vocals on the album “Calling All Dawns.” Since IA was born as a virtual artist in 2012, she has been collaborating with various artists such as TeddyLoid and Jin on projects such as the Kagerou Project. Her first live concert in North America was in July 2015, at the Los Angeles Anime Expo, and since then she has been internationally very active. In 2019, IA started her ARIA World Tour, which began with her anniversary performance in Japan on January 26th and 27th. Her first live performance in North America is going to be in Atlanta, Georgia, in the month of October.