Born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Mariannette Oyola has always had an affinity towards deep, rational thought, character creation, and the arts. Her work seeks to make the viewer ask the following questions: why do you do the things you do? Is your perception of reality truth? Finally, what is truth? In her work, recurring themes include humans, animals, nature, and symbolism. She firstly draws inspiration from apologetics and theology, and then, from music, nature, psychology, and people around her. Although she is open to the exploration of different mediums, her favorites are traditional inking and digital painting. Ultimately, Oyola’s work is meant to cause an aesthetic experience, be it through self-identification, questions, or personal interpretation of the subject matter. She has completed her Master of Fine Arts and is currently working on an Ed.D. in Counseling. She is also looking forward to combining both disciplines through comics and illustration, and further spreading countercultural ideologies and principles.