The Goddess of Shred, CreateLadyJ is consistently breaking the mold of what can be done by a female MC. Her aggressive style is often described as a “punch in the face” by fans and a wakeup call by newcomers. CreateLadyJ’s ultimate goal is to motivate the masses with her motto,“Create Yourself. Be Yourself. Always.” She affectionately refers to her fans as part of the “Creator Nation,” making it clear that each and every one of them is a creator and has the ability to create themselves and the reality they want to live in. A lifelong fan of Anime and Video Games, J has performed at over 100 conventions including MAGfest, Dragoncon and many others across Ohio, Texas, Florida, DC, Atlanta, Boston, and California. Never to be underestimated, CreateLadyJ rules from her throne and when tested, she is guaranteed to be stronger than you.

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