Tournament Rules:

Bring your own controller: any controller is usable unless it contains macro or turbo functions that are not present in the stock controllers (in the rare case your controller becomes nonfunctional we will have extras)

  90 seconds timer

Best two (2) out of three (3) for regular game sets

Best three (3) out of five (5) for all sets in the top eight (8)

Most current updates within the past seven (7) days will be used during the event

Please be on time the MK1 PC Tournament starts on Saturday August 24th, TBA (EST)

Top 3 $100 Pot Prize! (10-20 competitors)

Top 3 $500 Pot Prize! (21-44 competitors)

Top 5 $1,000 Pot Prize! (45-60 competitors)

Top 8 $1,500 Pot Prize! (61-80 competitors)

Top 12 $2,000 Pot Prize! (80-100 competitors)

After more than 100 competitors are registered the new Pot Prize amount will be announced before the tournament begains!