Conjutsu 2023 Schedule:

Saturday Aug. 19th

9:00am-10:00am Early VIP Access

10:15am Opening Introductions 

10:30am-11:20am Kristi VA Q&A Panel

11:40am-12:30pm Moon Q&A Panel 

12:00pm - 10:00pm Magic The Gathering Draft Tournament 

12:50pm-1:40pm E.L. Fortner Panel

2:00pm-3:00pm Cosplay Contest

3:30pm-6:30pm SSBU Tournament 

7:00pm-9:30pm Artist Performances (karaoke room closed for this time period)

9:30pm-11:30pm Dance Party

Sunday Aug. 20th

9:10am-9:45am Authentically Anais 

Cosplay on a Budget


10:00am-10:40am: Substantial Panel

11:00am-11:40am: Aarock Arts Character Design Panel 

12:30pm-1:00pm: Substantial Opening Performance for the Kids Cosplay Contest 

1:00pm-1:50pm: Kids only cosplay contest (Shihori sings 3 songs before the judges say the winners).

1:50pm-2:15pm NaraLump AMV Showing

2:15pm-3:00pm Conjutsu 2023 Awards Ceremony

3:00pm-6:00pm: SSBU Tournament Semifinals and Finals


6:30pm: Closing Ceremony