Mitchie Bravo


MITCHIE BRAVO is a Virginia based artist and a member of the creative think tank, SIC’EM WORLDWIDE. The son of Congolese immigrants, MITCHIE spent his formative years living all throughout the DMV and Canada which he feels helped broaden his appreciation for different genres of music as well as diversify his understanding of the various walks of life we endure. MITCHIE describes his music as being strictly for the “strays”, the broken hearted and often overlooked members of society. “My main goal is to provide others with the same feeling music gave me when I was younger.” says MITCHIE, “…a sense of belonging and community in a world where everyone is afraid to admit that they’re lost.” As of now, MITCHIE BRAVO is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming project, “Strictly 4 My Strayz”, which will be out before the end of 2022.