Ross Dogg

My name is Ralston Keith prosper I was born August 7th 1970 5 my father is from the Caribbean islands British isles small island called Dominica it’s capital is Roseau my mother is from the United States born in a small town in the state of Georgia called Saint Mary’s. I’ve had a fascination with music ever since a child. The sounds, tones, and the feelings is what made me fall in love with music. was Michael Jackson and Prince and how they commanded the audience and they were mesmerized by their movement and sound and I said to myself when I decided I want to do that and I still want to do that and I’ve been a pioneer of music underground hip hop and Northern Virginia for 20 years plus plus a advocate of gamers all over the place PlayStation an Xbox. My dream is to have my own talk show which is in heavy planning as we speak. With this project that me and Jonathan Taylor A.K.A Wolf_UBD  are doing we hope to accomplish something that’s never been accomplished before. I hope to reach each and everybody, and spark the brain to change one’s way of thinking. Mainly if one’s way of thinking is negative to change it to something positive. To help people be their best self is my ultimate goal! My comedy series “Brotha’S on the Couch”, which I’m the lead actor is coming soon! 

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