Originally from Maputo (a city in a seldom known country – Mozambique), Soulogik is a DC based artist who has spent most of his life in the US. As a son of a diplomat, and third culture individual who grew up living in Zimbabwe, the UK, Mozambique, and the US, his world view provides a wide array of perspectives that are ever present in his lyricism.

With a love for poetry, prose, hip-hop, and a “nothing to lose” attitude from seeing the hardships back home, he is the type of artist who pulls no punches. You can hear it in his music as he reflects through his journeys from one of the poorest countries in the world to one of the richest, and beyond.

The sound is reminiscent of legends such as Nas, Common, Wu-Tang, Dead Prez, and some contemporary artists reaching all the way to Portugal.

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