I love anime. And I love fighting games. Sadly, I feel like there’s never been a perfect mix of the two. Nothing like what I wanted at least. Growing up, I was never the best fighting game player, but I’ve always loved them. I especially loved watching my big brother play them because he was so good and fun to watch. On top of my love of watching anime, I wanted to create a fighting game that was not only fun to play, but fun to watch! And that is when the “Spirit’s Edge” fighting game was born. This was an anime I wanted to create, and have spent years developing since I was in middle school. But what originally started as an anime/ manga concept, turned into a 2D fighting game. Thank covid for that one. With nothing but time and burning passion, this is the culmination of years of trial & error, and thousands of hours of fighting game and animation research. This is “Spirit’s Edge”!

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