Vaze Haze

DMV’s #1 Punk Rapper


Self proclaimed DMVs number one Punk Rockstar, a title that might have some merit to it, given his recent release All the Dead Punk Kids! Demo Tape. Vaze Haze over the year of 2021 dropped 3 projects. One being the punk pop rock ep that is All the Dead punk kids, another being a gospel rap tape that seems to be less of a joke than we thought it was when he first announced the tape, and finally a collaboration tape titled a crash course through Devils vapors that seems to have all the storm packed in a bottle that a clxxd artist is known to offer. All these projects combined have bolstered him 221k streams on Spotify last year with more room to grow in 2022.

 Vaze Haze not only has been hitting his stride lately with music but also with film. whether it be directing music videos along with Aaron Kimmel making up the Akimmel films team, its also with acting. From short skits to college films.  Vaze Haze also seems to be an artist outside of music as well, he can often be found behind a digital pen working on comics or art for the clxxd store. Vaze says he along with fellow Clxxd members is excited to bring some clxxd comics to the site for fans to read and dive into the world they have been building since early 2016.

“The metaverse, not referring to facebook, but like the idea of interactive communities with avatars wearing digital fashion and interacting on our site has always been the goal, since the early days of the site. We thought okay, yeah this will all be possible. Me and CY (Vaze’s brother and clxxd founder) would joke about glasses that used augmented reality and always had an understanding of where technology and social networking sites were going. We are dreamers who turn ideas into reality. Just having the ability to provide that type of service with our brand. not just the clothing but giving our fans the full clxxd universe is the goal. its more than just X’s and O’s wins and losses on a cloud bro. theres so much more to what we have been building toward”. Vaze Haze on the future of the Clxxd site.

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