Wolf_UBD is a artist, producer, clothing designer for CLXXD Co., and CEO/Founder of Conjutsu, Uh Billion Degreez, and Reflective Moonlight. He states “Wolf stands for “working overtime lately frequently”. Work for a creative person in never over. Wolves are my favorite animal. I feel like we have a lot in common. Wolves can work efficiently alone or in a pack, and I am the same I can work well by myself or with a team”. He expresses his love for anime, gaming, and real life situations in his music in a catchy way to captivate his listeners. At a young age his family noticed his love for music and arts. In 2004 his older cousin gave him a Yamaha keyboard for Christmas. This gift fueled his passion for producing the music he makes today. At the age of 11 he started producing beats and writing songs. Wolf_UBD states “a big inspiration for him wanting to create music was Tina Vanison the choir director and pianist at his church. It was amazing to see how she touched everyone’s hearts before she even sang by playing the keyboard. To have the talent to convey your thoughts and feelings to everyone through music is what I wanted to be able to do as well. It might appear I just started releasing music, but I actually deleted 10 year’s of music, because I wanted to rebrand myself.” In 2017 he dropped his single Back At It. This song represents him snapping out of depression and getting back to everything he loved doing. Two years later he dropped his single Hammers & Nails, which featured Vaze Haze. This song was inspired by one of Will Smith’s quotes: “There’s two kinds of people in this world. There’s hammers and nails… You decide what to be..” In 2020 he dropped his four track Virgo Ep. He’s also featured on the “CLXXD Storm Season” album released in 2021. More music to be released in 2023!

He is one of the designers for CLXXD Co., which is a street apparel clothing company. Apart from the designs he’s helped with he has his own exclusive Wolf_UBD CLXXD hoodie and face mask. He’s brand “Reflective Moonlight” in collaboration with CLXXD Co. will have more designs releasing in the summer of 2024. He states “I’m asked all the time why I chose to go with a reflective theme with my line of apparel. My brand process includes adult/children safety. Most of the designs are printed on black clothing, which at night it’s hard to see someone wearing dark clothing. The reflective shines as light hits it making a person more noticeable. My Alias/stage name is Wolf_UBD, so it wasn’t hard to think of the name for my line of apparel “Reflective Moonlight”. Wolves love the Moon, and the Moon goes into different phases that symbolizes eternity and immortality. The Sun is fiery and hot and the Moon is known for its shine and coolness, which makes the two like Yin and Yang. This is why you will see the Yin and Yang on the right sleeve allied with the shoulder on most of my designs as well as the Reflective Moonlight Wolf Yin and Yang”.

He’s also helped Vaze Haze with the lineart, lettering, and some of the story for “Being A Freak In A World Full Of Monsters” webtoon. This webtoon is currently on hiatus. He’s also working on his own manga “Feudal Future” which will debut sometime in the Spring or Summer of 2024. This years Conjutsu 2023 badges, merch, and wallpaper will have has his original character “Hono” featured on it.  He states “I’ve been working on this manga since 2014. There was a whole lot to learn about comic/manga publishing, marketing, as well as the process to create a comic/manga. It may seem like it’s release is taking forever, but my artwork has advanced from when I first started, so I’m in the process of redrawing the entire first two volumes. My manga will also be released in English as well as Japanese at the same time adding other languages later”.

Conjutsu was founded in 2019 by Jonathan Taylor A.K.A Wolf_UBD. The goal of Conjutsu is to make a safe space for everyone especially the so called blerds, cosplayers, nerds, geeks, gamers, furries, and everyone else with a  passion for the pop-culture around it to come together, and have fun. He’s also an ambassador and content creator for “Raze Energy”. He streams under the alias of “Conjutsu” on Twitch where he plays a variety of games, but mainly fighting and FPS games. You might even catch him cosplaying live. He’s had multiple sponsorship streams like Fortnite, Raid Shadow Legends, Hello Fresh, and more! To stay updated with Wolf_UBD follow his social links below!







“Being A Freak In A World Full Of Monsters” webtoon

Raze Energy